S.C.A.R. Milsim

Sevier County Airsoft Rangers

Team Members

Name: Sheydon
Call sign: A01
Roll: Team & Squad leader
Status: Active

My name is Sheydon. I am the team leader and in charge of fire team alpha.

I am the range master of the team. My job is to train the team in tactics and inspect or take care of our team's gear. I also fill the position of a regular Rifleman

Name: Dakota
Call sign: B01
Roll: Squad leader
Status: Active

My name is Dakota. I am the PT instructor  and I am in charge of fire team bravo.
My job is to make sure the team stays in proper physical condition. I also function as a regular Rifleman.

Name: Riley
Call sign: A02
Roll: Support Gunner
Status: Active 

My name is Riley. I am the team's support gunner.
My job is to support the team with
Large amounts of
rapid fire when necessary and carry extra gear and supplies for the team.

None of these Photos belong to us.  We will upload some of us soon.

Name: N/A
Call sign: B02
Roll: Rifleman or Marksmen 
Status: Open for  Recruits

I will be put into a full time position with the team as soon as I join the team and complete all of my training.